Over the years, I have received many unique and thoughtful gifts from students and families. The kindness and generosity have always been greatly appreciated each year.

But each year, I spend approximately $1000 on my classroom, purchasing new books, materials for color printing, classroom décor, school supplies, materials for special projects, rewards and more. I spend the money because I love teaching and want the BEST classroom. I want a classroom that students and I BOTH love being in! After all, it’s our home away from home! :) I hope my efforts to create a cozy and inviting place for learning is evident!

This year, IF you are thinking of purchasing a gift for me, please consider one of the following ideas that are linked below.

Please understand that this is in no way a request or expectation of gifts! I am only sharing these as ideas that you may use if you’d like. Your kindness and generosity with classroom donations and support this year have been the BEST!

- Mrs. King

Amazon Wish List

Amazon Wishlist is free, easy way to directly help our class. Here is a way to know exactly what we need for our classroom. Your gift is not only helping me as the teacher, but your child as well.

See King's Amazon Wish List Here

Donors Choose makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America create classroom project requests, and you can give any amount to the project that inspires you.

See Mrs. King's Projects Here

A Huge Thank You To!

​$1,500 Grant & Volunteer Day - Received Spring 2016

$2,000 School Garden Grant - Received Spring 2017

​10 Cubic Feet of Compost Donation! - Received Spring 2017

$1,000 Donation to break ground on our School Garden - ​Received Spring 2015

Sonoma Water Agency

$1,000 - Reduce water usage on campus Recieved Winter of 2021

Big Green

$2,000 - Support School Garden Received Spring 2022


Supporting our vocational and garden program with work experience and Caber-neigh!

Partnership Grant with Equi-Ed Therapeutic Riding Program

$15,000 - To support an outdoor equestrian education program.

Received Feb. 2020

Donors Choose

$9,000 (to date) - to support classroom projects

Innovation Fund Grant from SCOE

$2,500 to support technology integration in our classroom 2021