Vocational Program

Functional Life Skills

Vocational programs focus on hands-on learning in a simulated work environment. This experience-based learning teaches skills needed to be successful in a job or career.

A variety of vocational programs exist at Slater Middle School. These programs focus on learning basic skills which leads to independence in the work place.

Car Wash

Students wash the cars for staff and parents at Slater. Students generalize socialization and money skills as they interact with individuals.

Coffee Service

Students take coffee orders, prepare and deliver coffee to teacher and staff. Students follow multi-step instructions and again utilize their money and pragmatic skills.

Therapeutic Stables

Through a partnership with Equi-Ed Therapeutic Riding program, Students learn technical skills, such as horse feeding and care, barn maintenance, workplace safety. Read more about Equi-Ed Here

Pedestrian Education

Students lean and practice basic pedestrian skills such as walking safely on the sidewalk to planning and completing a trip via SR City Bus.

Recycling Program

Throughout the Slater campus our students manage the recycling program.

School Garden

The garden provides many opportunities for learning. One primary use is functional learning through the sales of our organic produce. Click here to see our page on the school garden.