Interested in joining Leadership??

What is Leadership?

Slater Leadership class is a year long course where students act as role models and serve the school. As leaders of the school, ASB Leadership’s goal will be to promote and advance a positive school environment. ASB Leadership students will learn how to be effective leaders to peers, and develop skills through attitude and action. The following will give you an idea of what the ASB Leadership class is about as well as the expectations for the class.


ASB Leadership students are held to the highest standards for work and behavior at all times. As school role models and leaders, it is expected that each student will be respectful, tolerant, and courteous of others. There will be no toleration for teasing, bullying, or putting down of others.

Goals for Leadership Students

  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about positive change

  • Build relationships within a diverse student body

  • Understand the qualities and characteristics of an effective leader

  • Enforce social justice and equality for all

  • Learn from people of all backgrounds and experiences

  • Work with others to achieve smart goals

  • Be responsible and reliable in completing work

  • Organize, expand, strengthen, and create activities and projects

  • Engage in leadership training

  • Plan and organize activities appropriate to promote positive school climate

An essential part of the ASB Leadership team is planning and implementing programs and activities to create a positive school climate. In ASB Leadership, students will work together to plan and organize school-wide events such as:

Lunch Activities

School Dances

Theme Days

Student Recognition


Public Relations

Social Media and Website Management

School Wide Competitions

Team Building


Goal Setting

Staff Appreciation

Assemblies, Rallies, and Spirit Activities

Financial Accountability

School Service Projects

Self Evaluations


Completing individual self-evaluations honestly using a rubric, as well as group evaluations of all events your committee is in charge of. These will be done after each event as well as an overall quarter evaluation.

Advisors Evaluations


Advisor will complete individual as well as group evaluations based on the same rubric as the student self evaluations. These will be done after each event as well as an overall quarter evaluation.



Projects, planning and working activities, reflections on activities, committee participation, plus participation in all spirit days/dress up days, and working/volunteering at school functions

Community Leadership and Citizenship


Student responsibility, on time attendance and daily participation, character and leadership qualities demonstrated and the student’s ability to work in the environment successfully and use time productively. Overall student interaction with peers and teachers on campus and their ability to display their character and represent the Chaparral student body in a positive way.

All ASB Class Members

Students will be assigned to a committee and will be responsible for planning, creating, and working on multiple events throughout the school year. In addition, each committee is responsible for making sure they plan, organize, and reflect on activities planned. Each individual student is responsible for keeping an up-to-date calendar for ASB Leadership activities.

After school Commitment

Students will be expected to commit to supporting events after the school day. The dates of the after school events will be set at the beginning of the school year. Students will sign up for events and duties.

Leadership members are expected to show strong dedication and commitment. Students are the representatives and role models of the school. Members are expected to be school leaders whether they are in class, at lunch, or at a school function.